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By SailingMan
11 Nov 2013

Where to Hit the Slopes This Winter

Though you may be mourning the passing of summer, one good thing about the changing of the seasons is that it signals the approach of the long awaited ski season.

So if you’ve been waiting to hit the slopes since the last flake of snow melted in the thaw, here are the top spots to look out for this winter.


Offering a huge range of resorts, from family friendly to seriously grown up, skiing in France is as reliable as it is wonderful. Ski resorts in France are lucky enough to have both fantastic facilities and stunning settings, with many offering extra services like spas and top class restaurants as well as cosy atmospheres and great service.

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By SailingMan
14 Aug 2013

Top 5 Hotels in Las Vegas

One good thing about Las Vegas is that there's an innumerable places to crash and rest your weary head from the Bellagio at The Strip to the historic downtown hotel Golden Nugget. As a popular destination to have fun and lose yourself, partying in Las Vegas starts before the sun goes down and continues past dawn. With the glittering lights and the tireless population in this city, you?d better prepare your hangover glasses as you?d surely end up with much to conceal a pair of dark shades. Here are a couple of hotels to check out when you are in the city for a series of adventurous nights.

Cosmopolitan. Best known for its TV ads that market the place as the right amount of wrong, this super luxe hotel in Las Vegas has dual towers that is surely impressive. This resort is foreseen to be the last of the mega entertainment accommodation in Vegas. Overlooking the Strip, this 100,000 square foot entertainment area will blow you away with its multi-level bar with a 3-storey chandelier. The columns in the lobby are lined with video panels, there are more than a dozen restaurants, there?s a spa and 3 pools. Where hotels is concerned, the Cosmopolitan?s happens to be one of the best places to be.

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By SailingMan
07 Aug 2013

Tips to Make Traveling With Children Easier

Talk about traveling and most people get excited. Talk about traveling with kids and well, not so much.

If you are planning on taking a trip with your kids, you need to prepare and expect the unexpected. Here are a few tips that help make traveling with your child just a bit easier.

Make a List, Check it Twice (or Even Three Times)

Make a list of exactly what you will need to travel with your children. You might think about the obvious, such as a crib or DVD player, but you need to think about the other things your child needs for the duration of your trip. And not every item needs to be practical, include at least one "comfort" item, like a favorite blanket or toy.

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By SailingMan
24 Jul 2013

The Beauty of Barcelona

Although Madrid is the capital of Spain, the country has several distinct regions that have their own unique heritage and culture. Each of these has a capital city too.

Catalonia (or Catalunya) runs along the Northern Mediterranean coast of Spain and historically continues into southern France as well. As part of Spain, it has long had a robust relationship with the rest of the country with a strong independence movement.

Much in the same way that Scotland is looking at the possibility of parting company with the rest of the UK, Catalonia is moving towards a vote on its own status within Europe and its continuing connections with the rest of Spain.

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